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The Hardware Computerist is committed to hardware, peripherals, and related resources for the Atari 8‑bit line of Home Computers!


This site is dedicated to the memory of Jay Miner and the Atari 8‑bit computers that he helped create. This site is also dedicated to the memory of Curt Vendel, the man who took Atari's unseen projects and fading history and brought them to the eyes of the world.


This site would not be possible were it not for the tireless efforts of those maintaining the great Atari 8‑bit hardware-related databases for many years. Many thanks to all the individuals involved with those sites, including:

Thanks also to all the AtariAge members who have helped in archiving firmware and printed materials, including:

A special thanks to Michael Current for his fantastic Atari 8-Bit Computer FAQ. This document is responsible for many hardware information details presented on the website.

A special thanks also to AtariAge member Panther, for his generous donation of webspace at AtariVerse.com.


If you like this site and would like to help offset some of the time and effort it takes to update and maintain it, feel free to make a donation of any size. This will also help make it possible for me to create other, new Atari‑related sites in the future — such as for productivity, games, etc.